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Interactive Metronome: Applications for Retraining the Brain in ASD, ADHD and SPD


Dillen Hartley, OT

Dillen Hartley, OT graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, school of Occupational Therapy in 1995 and moved to the USA in 1996. He is co-owner of Advanced Therapy Solutions, Inc, an outpatient Physical and Occupational Therapy practice serving adult and pediatric clients in four locations.

Mr. Hartley has 16 years of clinical experience and is trained in multiple treatment approaches with both adults and pediatrics. Hr. Hartley’s interest expertise is the areas of autism, development disorders, sensory processing disorders, ADHD, ADD and learning disabilities in infants, children and adults. His is trained and experienced in sensory integration, neuromuscular re-education, brain gym, vision therapy, environmental adaptation, Tai-Chi, yoga and technology-based treatment approaches. Mr. Hartley serves on the Clinical Advisory Board for Interactive Metronome and has conducted more than 50 certification courses for clinicians using this tool. Mr. Hartley is also a certified trainer in the Integrated Listening System and is frequently asked to present his views and treatment approaches in Occupational Therapy treatment of children internationally.

In this interview you will learn…

  • What the Interactive Metronome is and how it can help your child.
  • How sequencing and timing plays a role in neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • How timing contributes to the early development of the brain and influences how your child processes sounds, their environment and language.
  • Why neural timing and the brain’s ability to time and sequence information affects language, cognitive processing and performance.
  • How the Interactive metronome can be used to retrain the brain and leverage neuroplasticity by activating 4 key areas of the brain.
  • What kind of results can you get from using a tool like the Interactive Metronome and how long does it take to see results?
  • And much more...

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Can't Make All The Sessions?

Grab The All Access Pass Plus Exclusive Fast Action
Bonuses And You Won't Miss A Thing...