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Neuroinflammation - the liver, gut, brain connection


Christopher Shade, PhD

Dr. Shade is the Founder and CEO of Quicksilver Scientific.


Dr. Shade is a globally recognized expert on mercury and liposomal delivery systems. He has lectured and trained doctors in the U.S. and internationally on the subject of mercury, heavy metals and the human detoxification system. Dr. Shade developed the patented liquid chromatographic mercury speciation technology used at Quicksilver Scientific while conducting his Ph.D. dissertation work with advisor Robert Hudson at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This technology was used to create the Mercury Tri-Test.

Dr. Shade's current focus is on the development of cutting-edge, lipid-based delivery systems for nutraceuticals, such as liposomes and micro-emulsion systems to address the growing need of high quality, affordable detoxification solutions.

Dr. Shade has a diverse spectrum of interests and experiences, ranging from traditional Scottish stone masonry and geology to open-ocean sailing and marine chemistry. This diversity is the key to harmonizing theoretical development and practical application for true alchemical solutions.

Before I tell you what you are going to learn, I have to thank Dr Shade for his sense of humour when we had multiple interruptions during this interview.  The first was an alarm and then a phone ringing.  I tell you this because we both we distracted at one point from the task at hand!  I did not want to edit out all the interruptions for fear that you would miss out on some key content. 

In this interview you will learn…

  • What neuroinflammation is and the role it plays in neurodevelopmental disorders
  • How neuroinflammation impacts the autonomic nervous system
  • What triggers neuroinflammation in our children
  • The cycle of neuroinflammation and the symptoms it causes in our children
  • The role of the digestive cascade in detoxification and how to support it.
  • Why detoxification protocols can cause a “healing reaction” or Herxheimer reaction and how to avoid them.
  • How liposomes can be used to bypass poor digestion and improve supplemental nutrient absorption.
  • And much more...

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Can't Make All The Sessions?

Grab The All Access Pass Plus Exclusive Fast Action
Bonuses And You Won't Miss A Thing...